Spottail is a white, ginger, and brown she-cat with two different colors for eyes.


Her parents were from RiverClan, but she ran away after the first few nights of becoming an apprentice because her mentor was very mean to her. She stumbled upon a ThunderClan patrol and begged to join their clan. At first they refused, but later took her to camp.

Spottail became an apprentice in ThunderClan, having a very nice mentor. When she went to gatherings, she stayed away from RiverClan because she thought they might take her away. When she received her warrior name, she knew that she was now free from RiverClan's grasp. She occasionally patrolled the RiverClan borders, and also met her parents once. They feared that they might one day have to face her in battle. She told them not to worry; as long as the clans were peaceful, they would not have to fight. She now lives a happy life in ThunderClan.

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