StarClan Speaks

StarClan Speaks is a series of fanfics written by Mossnose when she was ten years old. It was abandoned until Mossnose decided to work on it again years later. So far only two fanfics have been written: The Winds of Change and The Sign of the Raven. The series will be typed/rewrote on this wiki.

First Fanfic: The Winds of Change

Second Fanfic: The Sign of the Raven

Third Fanfic: Falling Stars

Fourth Fanfic: Night Shadows

Fifth Fanfic: The Break of Dawn

Sixth Fanfic: Final Destinies


StarClan Speaks is about six young cats, Sootkit and Rainpaw from ThunderClan, Blackpaw from ShadowClan, Streamkit from RiverClan, and Rockpaw from WindClan, who are destined to save the clans once more, as their ancestors did long ago.

The Winds of Change Summary:

A young apprentice from WindClan recieves a strange phrophecy foretelling that five cats will save the clans from their doom. As we follow the quest of the five cats, deaths are made, lies are told, and secrets are revealed.

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