Sunfire is a golden tabby she-cat with huge pretty, amber eyes. She is the former medicine cat apprentice of ShadowClan.


Sunfire wanted to be a warrior, but since the medicine cat, Fallowpelt was getting old, she was cast to a Medicine cat apprentice. Sunfire was very angry at the leader, Amberstar for doing this to her. The anger was short-lived, when Sunfire found her hidden desire to be a medicine cat and heal cats.

Sunfire became a medicine cat everyone grew to love. Sunfire had taken notice that Poppykit was interested in herbs and hoped that Poppykit could become her apprentice. When Sunfire suggested that Fallowpelt retire, as Fallowpelt was crazy and old Fallowpelt disagreed and attacked Sunfire. Sunfire was too shocked and loved her mentor to much to attack her back and died from her deep wounds. Fallowpelt was horrified at what she had done and told Amberstar that Poppykit would make a great medicine cat before exiling herself. Fallowpelt soon died from starvation after that and joined StarClan.

Without a mentor, Poppykit blindly took the place of medicine cat. Luckily, Poppypaw had Sunfire training her in her dreams and help from fellow medicine cats. Sunfire is happy that her mentor came to her senses and happy that Poppytail made such a great medicine cat. But she also regrets dieing so young and wishes she could continue her life as medicine cat.

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