"I would rather shave my fur off than talk to you!"
Tawnyshadow to Summerfall in ShadowClan/ThunderClan

Current Clan ShadowClan
Past Clan(s) ThunderClan
Names Tawnykit (ThunderClan Kit)

Tawnykit (ShadowClan Kit) Tawnypaw (Apprentice) Tawnyshadow (Warrior)

Mother TBA
Father TBA
Littermates Summerfall (In ThunderClan)
Mate None, is looking
Kit(s) None
Mentor(s) Angelwing
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplayer Lilly


Tawnykit was born to Amberheart and Gingerwhisker in ThunderClan. She had one littermate, her sister, Summerkit. They had a special contact with each other, that neither of them spoke of, except to the medicine cat. Summerkit was the one of the most devout StarClan follower already, even though she was only a kit. This was mostly due to Amberheart's StarClan based chatter which seemed to start too often. She would mean it, though, and absorb herself in it. The kits could fall asleep and she'd still rant on.

Summerkit was the stay-at-home kit, the tidiest, and the one that payed most attention to her mother's hourly chatter. Tawnykit was more of a "Let's go on an adventure!" kit and the one that usually fell asleep during her mother's "lectures" as Tawnykit called them.

Tawnykit would wander around the camp, sometimes playing hide and seek with the apprentices to avoid these. It didn't really help, however, as every time she tried such a sneaky getaway, she was hauled back by her mother, to listen to the conversation. It was very dull, and Tawnykit yearned for apprenticeship so she wouldn't have to be subjected to such atrocity.

Summerkit, however, seemed to understand the meaning of apprenticeship, and how much of kithood would be stripped away when they got their new name. She, obviously, took it more seriously, so seemed to be much more than a mere few minutes older than the immature Tawnykit. She acted it, at least, but nobody could say she looked any older.

Soon, Tawnykit was ushered into life as an apprentice. She figured now what being an apprentice meant for her. It meant listening to her mentor, and absolutely no more games. She couldn't spend all her time with her sister now. Tawnykit, now Tawnypaw, felt that she was judged for who she was and always shown up by Summerpaw, the obedient, neat apprentice. Exactly the cat she had always been. She wanted to get away, so she ran across the border, and willingly joined ShadowClan.

You can't say the ShadowClan cats were pleased with a cat over their border, but they were pleased of the promise of a new apprentice. Tawnypaw felt good without Summerpaw, that she couldn't be shown up. But she couldn't help feeling that sisterly love.

They both missed each other. Tawnypaw felt Summerpaw's pain, but still she didn't return. Here she was, a proud ShadowClan cat. When she was named a warrior, she announced that she was there to stay.


Whilst Tawnyshadow is stereotypically snappy, she can have a calm side. But you can't expect to reveal it when you scare her out of her fur! It's important that you take a slow, kind approach to her when attempting to unveil such a relaxed mood. Do NOT insult her, or she'll leap on you, and swipe you until you run away to your medicine cat. Her weakness is that she cannot take pain well.

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