By: Silver! :P


Before the first bird took flight, before the first tree frog sang, Dragon ruled the skies!

Chapter 1, A war with Gryffindors!:

Fulgur gazed down at his land. He ruled it with iron talons, and was loved by all creatures. He had won the war with Mori, the evil dark dragon. Mori was going to rule Fulgur's land, but failed.

Something caught Fulgur's eye that day. Fulgur's sister was being attacked by odd creatures! He unfolded his magnificent sun-gold wings. He flew down to the creatures, eyes flashing with anger. The creature's eyes were like a snake's. It glared at Fulgur. "Let my sister go!" roared Fulgur. The creature had a powerful body of a lion, and wings of an eagle. It snarled, and lashed at Fulgur's side. Fulgur sreeched with anger, and dove his claws into the creature's chest. It snickered, and dove its sharp beak into Fulgur's shoulder. He screamed in pain as the sunny world's grass was stained with red blood. Fulgur released its chest, and let his fire lose. It singed the creature's white feathers, turning them brown. It screeched with anger and pain, and launched Fulgur into the air. Fulgur swiftly unfolded his wings, letting them fill with air. He soared, circling the beast. He scowled. "You have such big wings, but can't fly? For show off, eh?!" he snarled. "Never!" spat the creature, leaping into the air. Fulgur jolted in suprise as he felt its claws break through his chest. He fell to the ground with a thump. The creature smirked. "I talk, suprising, right?! Everyone else can, why not me!" he snarled. Fulgur's tail piece was an ax He swung it, chopping off the creature's head. Another appeared, wings folded, and claws sheathed. He had golden armor on, and his eyes raged with anger. "I am Aestuo, and you have started a war, with us Gryffindors!"

Chapter 2, What now?

(Will finish)

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