Chapter 1

Mouseclaw padded through the undergrowth. ThunderClan had just been in a battle with ShadowClan. The clans were fighting amongst themselves because fresh-kill was getting hard to find and it seemed as if StarClan had abandoned the clans. As Mouseclaw was padded into a clearing, he heard a rattling sound in the bushes. He looked over and saw Flycatcher and Shadowstreak chasing a fat rabbit. Immediantly Mouseclaw hid as the rabbit ran by. Mouseclaw swiftly stuck out his paw and caught it by it's ears.

"This seemed to slip through your paws," Mouseclaw meowed, his whiskers flickering with amusement.

Flycatcher and Shadowstreak had padded back with nothing but tufts of rabbit fur in their claws. "Thanks!" Shadowstreak exclamied bound forward and giving Mouseclaw a quick lick.

"Hunting is getting so hard." Flycatcher muttered, though Mouseclaw knew he was thankful. "It'll get better. It always has!" Mouseclaw mewed.

"Leaf-bare is coming, Mouseclaw! It's only going to get worse!" Flycatcher spat digging his claws into the ground. Mouseclaw went over to comfort his brother.

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