The Bandits are a group of rogues that have been seen in the Kittypets/Roleplay and the fanfic, A New Quest.

Additional Info

The Bandits are a group of former members of Squeak's Group lead by Scratch. The Bandits survive by stealing food from other cats. Most of the cats are insane and kill without thinking. The two cats who are second in command are Rock an Dune.

A New Quest

The Bandits are one of the main antagonists in this fanfic. Because this fanfic takes place after the Rogue RP and tells the story of the rouge cats' children, the Bandits have grown in numbers and in power. They are still lead by the same cats, but have new members. They kidnap cats and force them to hunt for the members of the group.

In this fanfic, their most notable member is Rigel.

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