Written By:Tigerfoot


The storm raged above the cats heads; thunder roared in the sky. "Don't worry, Beetlekit, it's okay, we're safe in the elders den," the elder meowed. The ginger kit nodded, "Tell me a story, Thornbriar" he squeaked. "All right, how about the story of the Cursed Medicine Cat?" Thornbriar asked. Beetlekit immediately plopped down by Thornbriar and waited for the story to begin. "Her name, was Ferretfang..." Thornbriar began.

Chapter 1

Ferretkit watched as Cedarshade applied the cobwebs to Goatstep's wound. The stench of blood filled the medicine den. Ferretkit remembered when the ThunderClan warriors had returned from a lost battle with SkyClan. She could see the frightened look in Goatstep's eyes and wondered if the brown tom was dying. Cedarshade gave a sigh and rested his tail on the injured cat's shoulder.

Ferretkit walked into the den, her brown and white fur lay flat. "Is he okay?" the kit asked. "I don't know," Cedarshade replied. Suddenly, a vision flashed before Ferretkit's eyes and she saw a strange looking leaf. Ferretkit dashed to the herb storage and looked for the leaf. When she saw it she grabbed it and gave it to Cedarshade. "Yarrow!" The gray tom announced. "Of course!" Cedarshade chewed the leaf and applied it to Goatstep's wound. The brown tom gave a sigh of relief. "He's saved; he wont die!" Cedarshade exclaimed. "How did you know to use yarrow?" Cedarshade asked the kit. "I had a vision," Ferretkit explained. Cedarshade froze with shock. "Do you know what this means?" Cedarshade asked. Ferretkit shook her head. "It means you are destined to be a medicine cat!" Cedarshade told her.

And so, when the time came, Ferretkit became Ferretpaw, Cedarshade's apprentice. It wasn't until later that Ferretpaw realized many tragedies lie in her path as a medicine cat.

Chapter 2

"Now apply the comfrey to Nutpaw's leg," Cedarshade explained. Ferretpaw applied the herb to the broken leg that Nutpaw had recieved when she fell out of a tree. "Now, it will take a while for your leg to heal," Cedarshade told Nutpaw. The cream she-cat nodded. "You have been doing very well" the medicine cat told Ferretpaw. "I'm going to gather herbs alone," he told her. The medicine cat apprentice nodded as her mentor padded out of camp.

A few hours passed when Ferretpaw heard the yowl."Help!" the brown and white she-cat dashed out of the den to see Mistheart with Smallfoot leaning on her shoulder. "He was attacked by a dog!" Mistheart explained. Ferretpaw could see the blood spilling out of Smallfoot's torn throat. "Do something!" Mistheart snarled. Ferretpaw began to dress Smallfoot's wound in cobwebs. However, as she felt Smallfoot's throat, she could feel his life ebbing away.

Chapter 3

I'm Redoing this story.

Coming Soon

The End!

(Hey, This is Tigerfoot this is my first fanfic, hope you liked it.)

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