This is the history page for The Dark Dragon Tribe, formerly Known as the Dragons of Shadows.

Their History

The Dragons of Shadows were not always murderous thieves. They were once a peaceful democracy that lived happily in the mountains. Sadly, the peace ended when a dragon named Erebus attacked and killed the good king and queen. He made himself ruler an forced all non-dark dragons into slavery. He forced them to build him a palace for he and his queen to live in. The other dark dragons live in large dens around the palace, and servants lived in tiny near dens the outside of the kingdom. Over time, the other dark dragons became as evil as Erebus. They then started to steal treasure and eggs from other dragon tribes. They then became known as "The Pirates" or simply "The Dark Dragon Tribe." Many kings and queens lead them, but only for a short time each, because all of them died a horrible and painful death....

The Runaway Prince

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