The Guardians of the Sea are a tribe of Ocean Dragons. Ocean Dragons are a special type of Water Dragon that normally have no legs, but instead fins, while in the water. When they come on land, though very rarely, their fins turn into legs. They are a peace-loving tribe, but somehow end up dragged into wars.





Vejovis - young, handsome yellow drake with green eyes. RPer: Silvah


Océane - a beautiful, dark blue and aqua colored she-dragon with blue and sea green eyes. Roleplayed by:Icewish


Soren - creamy brown and white drake with amber eyes. RPer: Silvah

Mesi - Turquoise she-dragon with navy blue fins and teal eyes. Roleplayer: Mossu

Argus - icy blue drake with a white chest and wings. Roleplayer: Silver


Chusi - Light blue she-dragon with darker blue fins and under-belly. Has silver eyes. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan



Léandre - a male dragon with an ink black underbelly and a silver stripe running from his neck, through the middle of his body, and to his tail. His wings and the top half of his body is bright blue. He has sea green eyes. Roleplayed by:Ice

Okeanos - a dark blue dragon with light blue stripes an silver eyes. He described as a "runt" because he is smaller than his other two siblings. Roleplayed by: Mossu

Salacia - a dark blue and aqua colored she-dragon with blue and sea green eyes. Roleplayed by:Icy

Branith - handsome, dark gray and blue drake with fins going down his back. His power is nova, which he can use underwater, but doesn't want to blow up the world, so he doesn't use it. He can also use ice. He has long whiskers. Roleplayer: Silver

Imoogi - A strong, long-bodied serpent-like greenish-blue drake with a large cape, red fins, and very sharp teeth. He can fly, and can control water. Rped by Crystal




Roleplay Page

The Guardians of the Sea/Roleplay

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