The history of the Sea Guardians....

The Guardian's History:


Their past was quite simple. Two Ocean dragons fell in love one day. The decided to form a tribe to protect their species, and other dragons of their kind began to follow them, though they were few.

The Open Ocean:

They settled in an area of the open ocean where there were giant pillars of stone and many caves. The dragons made their dens inside the caves and slowly chiseled away at the largest stone pillar. It was turned into the Guardian Palace for the Ocean Dragon Royalty. Though, it took over a thousand years to complete, so many royal dragon lived in regular dens.

Peace and War:

The Guardians fought in many wars, mostly with rogue dragons. Regular Water Dragons are not very fond of Ocean Dragons, and the two species often fight. Although Ocean Dragons are technically amphibious, the spend almost all their lives in water. When at war with other tribes, they are able to fight on land because their fins turn into legs when they contact air. In conclusion, the Guardians love peace but are always at war.

Territory and Other Locations:


The Guardian of the Sea live close to the entrance to a wide trench. This trench leads to the deepest part of the Midnight Zone of the ocean. Giant Pillars of stone extend from the bottom of the ocean. The dragons have built their den into these caves.

The Palace:

Called the "Guardian Palace", it is an incredible work of architecture. The castle is narrow instead of wide, yet it extends deep into the ocean. It has many rooms and most have never been entered other than by the dragons who created them hundreds of years ago.

Prey Den:

The Prey Den is stocked with fish and other sea creatures. Marine mammals are also hunted by the dragons.


The camp is located at the center of the trench. Massive, blue-gray rock walls surround the Guardian's camp. There are not as many den as some other tribes since they are very hard to make. When dens are created, it takes several months, so the dragons might as well make them look nice. Many of the dens are decorated with gemstones and have pretty seaweed growing in the corners, like potted plants inside a home. The dens are also very large so that they can support a big family.

"The Caverns":

These are are long chain of caves that connect to land, which is many miles away. The entrance is in a small opening in the trench's walls in camp, but the entrance is sealed off. It is very dangerous to go into these caves. Sometimes, young apprentices an hatchlings will sneak into the cavern to go exploring. They will never go back into the caves again, that is, if they survived them the first time.

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