The Spruce tree wavered in the wind, spreading a tang scent around Fox pack. A spruce leaf released itself from the tree and floated down onto Mia’s nose. She sneezed as she woke with jolt, she slowly open her lime green eyes soaking in the sun-kissed rays. She yawned then stretched, rolling on her back. She stood up and smiled as Bolt, her best friend walked up to her. “Bolt!” she barked with glee, Bolt smiled and woofed “Good morning Mia.” He touched noses with Mia, looking her in the eyes. Bolt puffed out his chest as he asked “want to go hunting?” Mia smiled then nodded as they padded off into the woods.

Mia jumped up as a butterfly flew by, catching it in her mouth. Bolt laughed as he pounced on her. Mia kicked him off and jumped on him giggling. Mia gasped and jumped off, sprinted away from Bolt. Bolt whimpered “Mia!” He chased after her but lost sight of her. As soon as Bolt was in reach, Mia growled and pounced on him. Bolt squealed and growled “hey! That’s not fair!” Mia’s green eyes flashed with amusement as Bolt grabbed the scruff of her neck and threw her off. Mia landed with a thud and didn’t move, Bolt crept up to her whimpering “Mia! No!” He bent down beside her and whimpered louder as Mia opened her eyes and pounced on Bolt laughing “you’re so easy to trick!” Bolt sighed and growled “come on we got to hunt.” Mia’s ears dropped as she sighed. She tasted the air and smelt hare; she crept toward the scent until she could see it. Mia crawled closer and pounced, snapping the prey’s neck. Bolt woofed “good catch” Mia puffed out her chest and grabbed her kill as she watched Bolt take down a fox. She padded home with bolt, their pelts brushing each other. King, the leader of Fox pack howled to start the pack meeting. Mia settled in beside her mother, Nanuk. King cleared his throat and roared “As we all know, Mia, my daughter will take my place as Leader when I die. When I do she will have to pick a mate, Mia have you chosen yet?” He asked quietly. Mia looked over at Bolt, he nodded and smiled. Mia barked “Yes father!”

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