Allegiances for The Outsider as of Chapter 35.


Leader:Thistlestar- black tom with amber eyes.

Deputy:Runningbreeze-Golden tabby tom. Apprentice:Squirrelpaw

Medicine Cat:Stoneheart-Gray tom with gray eyes.


Dragonfire-Dark gray tom.

Falconflight-Black tom

Frostwind-White she-cat. Green eyes.

Toadleap-Ginger tom with black spots

Shinelight-Pale gray she-cat. Amber eyes.

Bluebird-Blue gray she-cat

Rosefeather-White she-cat

Moonfern-Pale gray tabby she-cat

Tigerfang-Brown tom

Eagleflight-Gray tom


Squirrelpaw-Ginger she-cat

Flarepaw-Smoky gray tom

Cinderpaw-Gray she-cat with white paws and stripes.


Orcasplash-White she-cat with black stripes and black paws.(Mother to Goldkit, Ashkit, Duskkit, and Stormkit)

Willowfur-Gray she-cat with green eyes(Mother to Nightkit, Minnowkit, and Honeykit)

Applestem-Brown she-cat. (Mother to Blazingkit, Ravenkit, and Foxkit.)


Goldkit-Golden she-kit with blue eyes.

Ashkit-Gray flecked tom with amber eyes.

Duskkit-Dark gray, almost black tom with green eyes.

Stormkit-Gray she-kit with white spots

Minnowkit-Brown she-kit

Honeykit-Light brown tabby she-kit

Nightkit-Black tom

Foxkit-Dark ginger tom

Ravenkit-Glossy black tom

Blazingkit-Orange tabby tom.


Driftcloud-Pale brown she-cat


Leader:Darkstar-Black tom

Deputy:Oceanbreeze-Mottled blue gray tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat:Greenleaf-Pale gray she-cat


Elmheart-Gray tom

Bearfang-Dark brown tabby tom

Morningshine-Gray and white she-cat

Sorrelflower-Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.

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