Volenose was a loyal ThunderClan warrior, although she was sometimes rude and hostile, she would fight to the death for her clan. But then, she began a hatred for Thistlestar, the reason will be explained in this story. She tried to kill him once, she eventually joined Cloudfall, a cat who also hated Thistlestar and wanted to rule all the clans. In the battle, she tried to kill Thistlestar(Thistlepelt at the time) again but was killed by his mate, Orcasplash. Now is the time to find out where Volenose will go, StarClan, or the Dark Forest.

Chapter 1

Volenose opened her eyes, on her left, was a bright green forest. On her right, a black, dead forest. It had seemed just moments ago that Orcasplash had ended her life.

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