You probably want to read The Outsider before reading this.


Volenose was a loyal ThunderClan cat, she was rude and hostile, but loyal. She developed a hatred for a former rogue named Thistlestar, the reason will be explained in this story. She tried to kill him twice, both when he was named Thistlepelt. She joined an evil cat named Cloudfall, who wanted to rule all the clans. Cloudfall also had a hatred for Thistlestar(pelt). In an epic battle, she tried to kill Thistlepelt, but was killed by his mate, Orcasplash. Now you will see, will Volenose go to StarClan, or the Dark Forest.

Chapter 1

Volenose opened her eyes, on her left was a bright green forest. On her right, a black dead forest. It seemed that just moments ago, Volenose had been killed by Orcasplash. "Greetings, Volenose" a starry, gray tabby she-cat in front of her meowed. "Pebbletail" Volenose breathed in awe. "I am here, my daughter" Pebbletail murmured. "Where is father?" Volenose asked. "Flamefeather's spirit was destroyed long ago" Pebbletail meowed sadly. "What is going on?" Volenose asked. "It is time for your judgement" Pebbletail replied. Volenose wasn't sure what that was, but she followed Pebbletail anyway. They padded into the bright forest, wich Pebbletail explained was StarClan. They joined many cats, one of wich was Thistlepelt. Volenose tried not to meet his gaze. One, a tortoiseshell she-cat, spoke to Volenose. "I am Fishleap. Volenose, it is time to choose your fate." Thistlepelt got up, and stared at Volenose. "I first encountered Volenose when me and Stormcloud returned missing ThunderClan kits. She then tried to kill me on the Thunderpath, and again at the battle that Cloudfall started. If it had not been for Orcasplash, Volenose would have killed me. That is all I have to say" the black tom sat down. "Volenose, it is your turn to speak" Pebbletail meowed.

"When I was young, my parents, Pebbletail and Flamefeather, were killed by rogues, leaving me alone in ThunderClan. I swore to defend my clan against rogues until my last breath. I learned Thistlepelt was once a rogue and, knowing how evil rogues can be, I made it my mission to kill him and save ThunderClan, and ShadowClan as well. I am truly sorry for everything I've done, and I mean that" Volenose finished. Fishleap stood up "Volenose, it has been decided, you will... remain in StarClan" she meowed. "Thank you so much" Volenose replied. "Come" Pebbletail led Volenose into the forest of StarClan. Volenose looked back "Are you angry?" Fishleap asked Thistlepelt. "No" Thistlepelt replied. "Volenose did not deserve the Dark Forest, judgement decided her fate."

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This was always meant to be a super short story)


After hearing Volenose's Past, where do you think she should go?

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