This is the place were all good dragons go when they die. It has many names depending on the group of dragons.


The Starlit Skies


Former Kings:

Former Queens:

Daylia: a gentle, light and creamy gold she-dragon with comferting light green eyes. She is a eastern dragon, and has the element of Air. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Former Fullwings:

Drake-a misterious male dragon (unknown color, eye's,a wired unknown power, and ect.) Roleplayed by Indigostar

Chrysanthos - a green and gold amphithere dragon with stunning dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Dahlia - a pretty, pink and white she-dragon with bright, ocean blue eyes. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Silvanus - a blue and black dragon with bright, clear, silver and aqua blue eyes. He is an Amphithere. Roleplayed by: Icewish

Laelia- a gold she-dragon with silver eyes. She is an Amphithere Dragon. Roleplayed by:Icewish

Former Halfwings:

Victoria - yellow she-dragon with orange eyes. RPer: Silvah

Former Mothers:

Skylark - Black elemental she-dragon with beautiful turqoiuse eyes. Mother of Twilight and Eclipse. Roleplayed by: Moss

Former Hatchlings:

Fulgur - a hyper, golden male hatchling. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Former Elders:

Roleplay Page

The Starlit Skies/Roleplay

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