Thistlepelt is a black tom and the main character in "The Outsider". He falls in love with a ShadowClan she-cat named Stormcloud but she dies giving birth to her and Thistlepelt's kis. Thistlepelt takes Dragonkit, Driftkit, and Falconkit to ShadowClan. A golden queen named Frog-eye nurses Thistlepelt's kits, while nursing her own son, Runningkit

Only Dapplestar,Frog-eye and Runningkit trust Thistlepelt, Dragonkit, Driftkit, and Falconkit.

Thistlepelt becomes deputy and later leader after Dapplestar is killed by a fox.

Nine Lives

  1. Sunfur-Hope
  2. Leafpaw-Humor
  3. Shadowkit-Patience
  4. Brindlestripe-Compassion
  5. Sparrowflight-Pride
  6. Redwhisker-Knowledge
  7. Lizardclaw-Loyalty
  8. Dapplestar-Courage
  9. Stormcloud-Love


  • Thistlestar's warrior name was originally Thistlefang but got changed to Thistlepelt.
  • He never loved Frog-eye and only saw her as a good friend.
  • In the early stages of making The Outsider, Thistlestar DID love Frog-eye and she was going to be his mate but his mate became Orcasplash instead.

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