Moonlight shimmered on the surface of a clear lake that reflected the starshine. Rocks smoothened by generation after generation of cats were dotted around the smooth, grassy clearing, and an eerie silence fell as starry cats took their places by the lake. A dignified silver she-cat stood, as if in charge. A low, urgent whispering broke out, as if something was wrong.

"Silence!" ordered the silver she-cat, her tail raised commandingly, and the whispering ceased. She leapt to the top of the highest rock. Many starry gazes followed her. She remained silent for a moment, not sure what to say, but then she began to speak in a diplomatic voice, like Twolegs did at meetings.

"The end of the Clans is near!" called the she-cat.

"How do you know?" challenged a bracken coloured tom.

"I have seen it." replied the silver she-cat.

"I have seen this also." confirmed a cream tabby, a grim expression on her face. "I have not seen a way to save them from this massacre."

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