By Silverfang✨"I have a challenge for you, Blueheart,"✨


I waited where my family last stood. My mother, father, sister, and brother all destroyed by these endless savage cats. My fur was slicked back with wet, sticky blood. I couldn't believe it. An icy shiver ran down my spine when I realized I was all alone. It was exactly what I'd feared, and exactly what I heard from a spirit cat: Everything close will become very far. Storms will rage until a river of blood races through the marshland.

I looked down at my over-sized paws. Blood had became stuck to my white toes, permanently staining them red. My whiskers had been almost completely bitten off, so short they were, you might have mistakes them for a dog's. I looked into the lake, which was shockingly clear. I looked at my eyes, which were wide with horror.

The river had run red. Blood, hot and sticky, was pooled on the ground, I noticed suddenly. Dead bodies of rogues, kittypets and savages littered the area. I tried to find my family within the carcasses, with much success. My mother, father, brother, and sister had all died fighting for me. Why couldn't I have died instead? My life is sure not worth four others'. My father, Stone, had defended me by killing a savage. My mother, Poppy, had died defending me from an attack. My siblings, Cherry and Snake, were also killed defending me.

No. This isn't happening. Everything wasn't torn from me; it was just a dream. All I have to do is wake up...


A troubled kit looked up at her mother, his tail swishing back and forth vigorously. Shreiks of excitement pierced around nearby. Two furballs wrestled around in the snow while the reddish kit still looked at her mother.

"Can you tell them to stop messing around? I'm trying to sleep!" Cherry, the she-kit, wailed.

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