Chapter 1:The Story Of Tigerstar

Tigerkit and his littermates Swiftkit, Featherkit, and Pinekit snuggled by their mother Leopardfire's belly. "Tell us a story" Featherkit begged Leopardfire. "All right" Leopardfire murmured. "How about the story of Tigerstar?" the golden speckled queen asked. Tigerkit immediately began to listen, this cat had a name like his. "Tigerstar lived many, many, many, seasons ago." Leopardfire began. "He began as Tigerclaw, a ThunderClan warrior, he lived under the leadership of Bluestar". Tigerkit shifted in the moss. "Tigerclaw wanted to be deputy, so at a battle with RiverClan, he murdered the deputy, Redtail, and lied that Oakheart, the RiverClan deputy had done it. A warrior named Lionheart then became deputy, but Lionheart was killed by a ShadowClan warrior and Tigerclaw finally became deputy." Leopardfire continued.

"So, he stopped doing bad things?" Swiftkit guessed. "Sadly, no, he led a rogue attack wich he planned with Brokentail, the former ShadowClan leader. Fireheart, a brave warrior, exposed Tigerclaw and the evil tom was exiled." Leopardfire muttered. "And he was never seen again" Featherkit chirped.

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