Tilane is a light gray wolf with a darker gray back and brown eyes. He is very strong.


Tilane was born to an unknown mother and father. He was either left to die or got lost. Allya and Ion found him when they were hunting and even they couldn't let him die. He turned out to be a very strong hunter and learner, not like his apopted sister Viridis. He and Viridis developed a relationship, but it broke when Allya and Ion began to starve. They knew they had too many mouths to feed and Tilane was the obvious better hunter then Viridis so they decided to abandon Viridis by Umbras Pack territory.

Tilane lived the next year of his life hunting for Allya and Ion and searching for Viridis. Allya told Tilane that now that he was a great hunter, if he found Viridis they could take her into the family again.

Finally Tilane searched in Umbras Pack territory and found her hunting. He asked her to come back with him and Viridis seemed to have lost almost all knowledge of him. He was very sad but took her back to Allya and Ion.

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