By: ☾IceWish☽ ♫ What It Means To Listen ♪

Chapter 1:Silver or Gold?

A bright silver egg shell lay cold and broken in a small nest. The tiny dragon hatchling was silver, black, and dark blue. His beautiful silver eyes were closed in sleep. He had just hatched, but was alone by himself in the King and Queen's Palace.

His parents were somewhere else in the palace, not caring at all about there egg. Their names were Aeschylus and Xanthe, the King and Queen of the Dark Dragons.

It was cold in the room. The tiny hatchling shivered and opened his eyes. He looked around and saw nobody, so he left. He walked through the hallways, and then heard laughter. It was his parents, admiring all the gold they have stolen. The hatchling saw the door to the outside left open. He spread his wings, and glided to the forest below.

Chapter 2: (Title needed)

The silver and black hatchling landed safely on the dark forest floor. He was too small and weak to be able to fly properly. He looked around. He had just hatched and he was already on his own.

A pale green she-dragon flew around the forest. Her hatchling had just died from illness, but she refused to accept it. Her gold eye were filled with worry and longing. She saw the small dark dragon hatchling on the forest floor below. Her eye widened with hope and she flew down to him. "Chronos!" said the she-dragon. Chronos was the name of her own dead son. "I was so worried about you!" The she-dragon took the dark dragon back to her den.

The she-dragon gave the hatchling, now named Chronos, food and water. He scarfed it down, for he was so hungry. He looked up at the green she-dragon, who's gold eyes were closed happily. He knew that there was something wrong with her; she didn't seem fully there. The she dragon turned her head around, and revealed a long scar on the back of her head with several bruises.

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