By: ☾IceWish☽ ♫ What It Means To Listen ♪


A lyrical poem from the POVs of Akakios, Silva, Pluto, and Flora.


Why do they laugh

And attack

And mock me?

Blood means nothing


It is like

I am nothing more

And a feather

Or moss

Or a piece of prey



Their brother,





Picked on

By everyone in the whole of Aqua Pack

Even by his three siblings

His own family

All that is left of it


My little brother

Is so weak

And stupid

And foolish

He will never amount to


In the entirety of his life

While I


The greatest and most beautiful she-wolf in the Aqua Pack


The whole world,

Will be the greatest Alpha Female

And I will rule

This lousy group of mangy dogs

With grace and beauty

An of course

Not stop violence and blood shed



Stupid Akakios

It is so easy to beat him up

And fun

What he gets for being so (beep!) small

And Lupin even has more of a brain then him

Just standing there

Pretending to be brave

Instead of running

Like he should


He killed mother

It's his fault that she is dead

He should have never been born

It is his fault

That we are alone

But why should I complain?

I am the strongest wolf in Aqua Pack

I have no fears

I have no one

Who could stand a chance against me in battle

I have nothing

That should worry me

Or Scare me


Why do I feel such



Oh Stalla Pack!

Why must you make me watch this?

I can not take it any more!

Watching a pup get attacked by apprentices

Who are even his own kin!

But I'm just a pup as well

So I can not act

Or I will be trampled as well

As I watch

I feel like those three

Are releasing evil onto this world

With every strike

To their brother's head


The sun set

And I run off to my "den"

I crude pile of sticks and moss

And try to fall asleep

But I never can

I am too


I am afraid that they will come

In the night

And kill me

Be rid of me

And no one will care

No one in the world

And if I do fall asleep

My dreams are always haunted

By my mother

Who others say that I killed

But I don't even know who she is

I only see a ghostly figure of a she-wolf


How could someone like me

Kill a full grown wolf?

I don't


And I never will


I will never

Meet her

Or my father

I am

Like an apple

That fell off of a tree to early

I will be distant from everyone

Around me

And I will die

Alone and young

And be forgotten

And everyone will move on

Like I never existed

In the first place

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