The Tornado Callers were the Air dragon tribe. All except Draco were killed by the hydras. Draco escaped and found his mate.

The Formation:

Twister clawed at the hydra, making it flap away quickly. He was alone, with no mate or friends. He padded into a clearing, and practiced his wind skills. He was the only Air dragon that he knew of. He made a small twister, that dyed in seconds. He suddenly was attacked by a light gray she-dragon. "Prepare to feel my Air wrath, She-dragon!" snarled Twister. The she-dragon bounced off him. "You are? I've been looking for some others with my air dragon friends. I saw your twister. Can you make a better one?" growled the she-dragon. Tons of air dragons came out of the trees. "If i can make a strong twister, will you all make a tribe of air dragons with me?" asked Twister. They all agreed, and Twister casted a powerful Tornado, that pulled out trees. He made it vanish. The she-dragon smiled. "That's good for me. I'm Hurricane, and i'll be your queen." growled the she-dragon. Every dragon was always willing to be mates with a strong dragon, so Twister excepted.

They soon made a huge twister, all together. It didn't harm anything, It lasted forever.

The vanishment:

The Air dragons were slaughtered by Hydras. Twister and Hurricane had a son named Draco. He was powerful, and they were so proud.

Hurricane pressed Draco close to her. "Draco, darling...If the Hydras find us queens, eggs, and hatchlings, promise me you'll fun, nad start your own tribe." murmured Hurricane. Draco gulped. He heard the Hydras screaming, ripping apart his family. He nodded. A hydra bursted in. It launched at Draco and his mother, but she tossed him away, letting herself be tore apart. Draco hide, and cried quietly as he watched every dragon, fall.

It was hourse before Draco padded outside. Every Air dragon layed dead, except him. The twister seemed weak, and slowly dissapeard. Draco did what he promised his mother, and created the Sky Rulers.

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