Current Clan WindClan
Past Clan(s) RiverClan
Names Kit: Tricklekit

Apprentice: Tricklepaw Warrior: Tricklerain

Mother Heatherstream
Father TyphoonPuddle
Littermates Flarepaw, Soaringpaw
Mate none
Kit(s) none
Mentor(s) Someone please ask!
Apprentice(s) none
Roleplayer User: Silverwhisker

Tricklepaw is a dark gray she-cat with dark blue wings and eyes.

Additional Info

She is a Windclan Apprentice. She is quiet proud of her wings, because she does good things with them. Such as help Fireheart get out of his den. She can controll water. She tried to splash Gustpaw (whom she hates.) with water whenever she can. Tricklepaw was formally from Riverclan. She got kicked out because of her wings. She moved to Windclan. Gustpaw had teased her about her wings, so she just beated him up a little. She was adopted by Gorsefeather, who soon died before she was an apprentice.

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