Saphira and Eragon

Twilight looks exactly like Saphira only she is pure black.

Description: Twilight is a black she-dragon with teal eyes. She has feathered wings and horn on her head and face. (Like Saphira in the Eragon movie) She wears a necklace with a dragon embedded in it.


Twilight was born to an extinct tribe of elementals (Note:The elementals existed before the Frost dragon/Air Dragon tribes became extinct) called The Tribe of the Elements. Her mother was Skylark and her father's name was never mentioned. The elements where created when dragons of different elements started breeding. Twilight was an egg when the Elemental Massacre happened, in which all the elementals were killed.

Twilight was hatched in an eagle nest when a she-dragon took two eggs so they wouldn't be destroyed, unlike their siblings. The she-dragon was killed shortly after. Her foster parents were two Bald Eagles named Alerio and Akulina. Her foster siblings were Adler, Acilino, and Anne. The eagle family's names all started with A, a family tradition. She and her brother where considered ugly when they hatched because they didn't look like normal eaglets. Her brother got bullied while Alerio and Akulina were out hunting and he supposedly "died"trying to fly away. She was named Shadow because she was night black and she would always live in the shadow of the eaglets. This also breaks the family tradition, cosidering they didn't think Shadow was family. Akulina tells them a story about dragons. Shadow is the first one to learn how to fly when she was pushed by Anne. She met Drayden and he took her wth him on his quest to find Sky Rulers.

Near the beginning of their journey they find a gorge with multiple caves. They consider staying there becaus sit has plentiful prey and a great water source, a river. But they encounter a dragon and he tries to force Twilight to mate with him until Drayden nearly kills him. They leave because of the dragon.

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