Hey! I know this is a warriors roleplay website, but I was thinking up an idea for a new fanfic.It is an Adenture Time fanfic called, "The Heros of Ooo" It takes place AFTER the Flame Princess incident

  • Finn and Jake find Lumpy Space Princess nearly dead. (It was the Lich)
  • The Lich (although F and J don't know it's him) starts harming the people of Ooo
  • Princess Bubblegum is hurt trying to warn Finn about the Lich trying to kill him, Finn can't decide between FP or PB
  • Flame Princess knows of Finn's "thing" he has for Princess Bubblegum and tells him that she knows Finn still likes PB
  • PB recovers, thankfully, but wants revenge on the Lich, but she was a little amnesiac so she couldn't remember that it was the Lich who tried to kill Finn
  • LSP is still severly injured, but alive
  • Finn and Jake have the same dream about the Lich killing all their friends, and vow to take him down
  • Stormo and Goliad come out of their psycic showdown to help Finn and Jake (Goliad isn't evil anymore)
  • The Lich kills Goliad, causing PB grief and Stormo anger, Finn and Stormo track the Lich
  • PB changes her outfit and becomes more "warrior-like", even making her own sword.
  • Other stuff happens XD
  • During the battle between the Lich and his army, Finn and Stormo are severly injured, and PB tells him that even though she was five years older than him, she really liked him a lot Finn thinks it's out of friendship, but PB says, quote, "You don't get it Finn, I LIKE-LIKE you!"
  • Finn's past is revealed

So yeah, I gave away most of the story. XD And if you don't watch Adventure Time, well, poor you. XD

Um, I'll post this on some fanfiction wiki.... Latr! ❄Mossnose❄ ☾It was worth it in the end☽ 17:31, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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