aka Mikayla AKA Edme!

  • I live in North carolina
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is High school, Journalist, Artist, Random person
  • I am Female (but gender don't matter!)
  • Edme4ever232


    January 6, 2013 by Edme4ever232

    Ok so I'm gonna start a new fanfic and I would like to have help. If you want to volunteer to be in it fill out this information- Your Username:

    Your cat  that you roleplay:

    Your number of edits:

    Your name:

    Your rank and clan you want to be in:

    If or when you fill this out here all the slots you may choose from: Moss clan leader,Moss clan deputy, Moss clan med cat, Moss clan med apprentice, Moss clan warriors, Moss clan Apprentice, Moss clan Queen's, Moss clan kits, Moss clan Elder. And same with Rock clan, Pine clan and Death clan. There are also slots for rouges, loner's, kittypets, and strays.You must also include the slot you want to take. I will let you know when all the slots are filled. Thanks! bye

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  • Edme4ever232

    Gangman style

    December 4, 2012 by Edme4ever232

    Ok so who here knows the song gangman style? and who knows how to do the dance? me and me (thats the guys name that created it)  Ima BIG sy fan but his song is kinda annoying when it plays on the radio like 50 times a day. Well how do you guys feel about gangman style? talk to me about it Post it!!

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  • Edme4ever232


    December 3, 2012 by Edme4ever232

    Hi its me Edme and I made this log just to be random (is it working?) haha just kidding. So I want to know who's your favorite character from each clan and why.Mine are Briarlight From thunderclan becuase she has a brave heart and even when she got her legs crushed by the fallen tree she lived through it (I think) She stood strong and wouldn't let the fact that she wouldn't be a warrior ever bring her down. Her soul stands strong and She will live a good life with Jayfeather around. Ashfoot from Windclan becuase When Onetstar wouldent help Thunderclan she did by telling them where sol went. I think she was a good mother and she has a good heart. Tawnypelt from Shadowclan becuase She is still halfclan but she deal's with it and She doesent …

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  • Edme4ever232


    October 9, 2012 by Edme4ever232

    This is sandkit newest litter of brightstar a bright orange tabby cat her father mosspaw a tortise shell like cat. Sandkit is a orange sand color cat with hazel green eyes and has long hair. she has a joyus spirt and loves running in the rain, She loves to watch after her brothers and act like a boss she always tells her mother that one day shell be a leader! shes in the wind Clan

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  • Edme4ever232

    hey im noelle and i would like to know more about yo guys and girls so just comment on this and tell me about yourselfs

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