The main reason why I'm making this is cause I'm a little famous for dissapearing. So I'm gonna make this!

Nemo, Dark, and Codie - I'm giving them to Cinder cause she and I do Kittypets Roleplay the most

Ninekit - She goes to hmm.. Silverw I guess

Owlkit and Silverkit - They get to go to Icy, if not Moss

Starrypaw - She goes to Silverw

Fuzzykit and Badgerkit - They go to Julie when she gets the hang of roleplaying :)

Llamapaw and Glitterstar - They go to Cinder

Rainstar - She goes to Julie

Lightningstrike - She goes to Moss

Windpaw - Will go to Icy

Pebblekit, Waterkit, Frostkit, and Bluewhisker - They will go to Cinder and Julie (You gais will have to split them)

The rest will go to adoptions i guess, I'll add more when I think of them

Oh and if I do come back (I will :P) can I have these cats back? cause these are my most fave


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