I seriously mean it this time, goodbye.  Don't leave a message on my talk page, I'll ignore it, don't come to bother me on another wiki, I'll ignore you there as well.  You all hate me, so I doubt if you all will do any of this.  I'll be taking a couple of my favorite characters just in case I can use them later, and I'm also packing up my blanks and my artwork.  I'm constantly thinking about suicide, and this wiki really isn't helping me with all these problems.  I always feel terrible on here because I'm being mean but I can't help it, and real life is being a pain in the ass as well.  Quite honestly, one of the only reasons why I'm not dead right now is because I know there is some little kid in Africa who's parents are dead fighting off a lion who's trying to eat his or her little sibling with some terrible disease, and I figured if they haven't given up yet, it selfish and cowardly of me to do so.

Anyways, bye :)  I'm sure y'all are happy to see me leave anyways XD

Icewish   ♥ 01:15, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

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