• The most common eye color for cats on this wiki is:blue. 70% (estimated) of cats have blue eyes. (About 7 out of 10 cats)
  • The majority of the cats on this wiki are she-cats (199 characters) Tomcats only make up 166 characters of all the characters.
  • This wiki has had 7 admins in total through its history.
  • This wiki was founded as a mistake when Icy created a wiki by accident.
    • It was then used after LOOOW collapsed and is now very successful :)
  • On this wiki, most cats have either the colors gray or silver in their fur.
  • The most popular clan is PokeClan with 30 members as of October 5, 2012.
  • The most archived RP is the Umbras Pack Archives with 10+ Archives.
  • The fanfic that is most complained about is Voices, and almost every person on this wiki yelled at its author about it.
  • The first "dragon" on the wiki was Orpheus. He was also the first shapeshifter.
  • The first real dragon on the wiki was Draco, king of the Sky Rulers.
  • The first cat spirit mentioned on the wiki was Dusk (R); Paris was a close second.
  • The character with the most artwork is Orpheus. Icy has drawn five pictures of him that are on the wiki and ten more are not uploaded to the internet or are in the process of being drawn.
  • The Fanfic Voices is 87 pages long when posted on a Word Doc, but it is only 5,259 words.
  • The fanfic, Mossstar's Omen, is 37 pages long and contains 19,738 words. It is the longest fanfic on the wiki.
  • The longest Character Page is Orpheus with about 4,370 bytes. This is page takes up more memory than some fanfics.
  • The user who has created the most oages on the wiki is Icewish with 233 pages under her name. Silverwhisker is a close second with about 102 pages.

If you have more trivia about WCFW, list it in the comments :)

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