K, I've received several complains about the wikis design.  You all shouldn't care about the skin of the wiki and should edit for it's content, but you all don't seem to have the morals I do :P

Anyways!  This wiki needs a new skin, word art, a new front page design, and maybe even a new color scheme, and favicon (that button thing that you see next to the wiki's address).  I can't design any of this stuff, so that's where y'all come in :)  If you wanted a new wiki design, here is your chance to do it, so you better enter.


  1. The word art can not be a square, but a .png image with transparency.
  2. The wiki skin must have most of the artwork on the sides so that way people can see it.
  3. Don't make the color scheme, word art, etc obnoxious or head-ache causing.
  4. The entries must follow the rules of the wiki.
  5. You can't use the blanks or any blanks for that matter.
  6. Must be cat, wolf, dragon, or horse related, and if possible, all four.  But if you must chose only one, make it cats.
  7. Icy will filter out all the entries that shouldn't really be displayed to represent the wikis.  All other entries will be voted on.

Here is some stuff about the BG:

Wiki BG Notes

Tips That You Should Follow and Some Stuff That Will Make Icy Like Your Entry Better and Win Her Vote XD

  1. A theme from one of the RPs is suggested.  For example, a MoonClan theme or a Rogue RP theme.
  2. Another suggestion would be that you choose some of the more well known characters on this wiki and add them into the image.
  3. Icy likes the color blue and the font "Papyrus."
  4. Save the image as a .jpeg for the BG to decrease file size.

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