same as Icy's, only with my cats: Warning! Don't take this yet! it's not finished, there might be a few holes in it.


1.) Do your emotions sometimes get out of control? go to 4.

2.) Can you control your emotions easily? go to 2.


1.) do you have a terrible sense of direction? go to 4.

2.) do you find it easy to find your way after you've gotten lost? go to 3.


1.) are you so nice that people sometimes take advantage of you? go to 5.

2.) do people aviod you because of your looks, personality, etc.? go to 4.


1.) are you a social pariah? then you are Flarepaw!

2.) are you popular with your friends? then you are Saltkit!

3.) are you so-and-so about popularity? go to 5.


1.) do you have a knowledge of herbs? then you are Isis!

2.) are you sometimes forgetful? you are Whiskers!

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