I have a bunch of ideas and such and would like to share with you all.

First, from now I on, I think we should notify the user to give them one last chance before we put their rp character for adoption. If they don't reply back in a certain amount of days the rp character will go up for adoption. I could be incharge of that, if ya like.

Next: I was reading the rules and help page and figured a way to always have no "Added By:_______" thing no matter how big.

Example: Brambleprickle and to have it smaller: Brambleprickle

The code is: [8[File:Brambleprickle.png|100px]8] without the 8s. So depending on what the file/picture you have you write: [8[File:FILENAME.png|HOW BIG YOU WANT ITpx]8] Again without the 8s and not all files are "png" Check your file to see what it is. If it's "jpeg" or something else, just replace the "png" with what you have.

That's all of my ideas and I will come up with more ways to help, Prickle! 19:41, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

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