Vaporeon is a blue she-cat with a white neck, and flipper tail. She has yellow frills on the side of her head, and darker blue spots going down her back. Vaporeon is a diffrent Vaporeon, because she has blue eyes, instead of brown. Her mentor is Charizard. She evolved at a very young age. She is a warrior of PokeClan. She's expecting Leafeon's kits, and is his mate. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Additional Info

As an Eevee, Eevee is stepped on by many cats. She later has to talk with Pikastar. She goes on the journey to see the new home, and finds a Water Stone in a river. She evolves behind a waterfall at their new home. She makes Leafeon join. She often has fits with her father over how he "Divoursed" Espeon. She has a big crush in Leafeon, and really wanted him to join.

She later on gets in a "Cussing" fight with Pikastar and half the clan. she runs away and accidently find Leafeon and sleeps next to him. Vaporeon becomes a warrior, cuase she completed her assignment. She soon finds out she absoultly hates Emogla, and practicly killls her. The two later become friends, and Leafeon and Vaporeon get close. Pokeclan fights rogues, and Vaporeon helps. She later on starts chatting with her brother.

Vaporeon ends up "fighting" with Leafeon, and runs away. Emogla tries to cheer her up, but Leafeon comes back over, and ends their fight. Later on, Vaporeon finds out that she expecting Leafeon's kits, who isn't frilld.

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