Venus is a dark gray she-wolf with blue eyes. She is an exact copy of her father.

Venus' parents are Remus and Nova. Her siblings are Junia, Nirvana, Aquilia, and Tiberius

She is very hyper, but takes death very hard. She doesn't like anyone telling her what to do. She is very tomboyish.

Mnemosyne visits the living world to find Venus to tell her about her parents. However, Nova and Remus were in the living world too, and Mnemosyne disappears. Venus is happy to see her parents.

She gets upset with Nova when she spys on her pups and gets frustrated when everyone starts talking about Romulus and Remus when she wanted to know about Mnemosyne. She is very shocked when Alden says that Mnemosyne had been dead for about 300 years.

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