Vulcan is an ash-colored wolf with orange eyes.

Family: Mate:Lupa

Vulcan is a rogue wolf who comes to Umbras Pack's camp looking for food and shelter. Lupa is wary of him, but a blizzard starts and they end up trying to survive together. After the blizzard, Vulcan finds Lupa uncosious and brings her to safety. He sleeps by her during the night. Vulcan and Lupa become close and start to have feelings for each other.

Vulcan and Lupa get trapped in another blizzard, but this time they are ok. Vulcan saves Lupa from being swept away in the Tiber, and blames himself when she gets a severe chest infection. She recovers and they fight the Mares together. Vulcan and Lupa become mates.

Vulcan sniffing for prey


  • He is named after the Roman god of fire, because in the roleplay, he is ash-colored and he was born in a fire.

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