Project Improvement

Objective: To improve pages with new, more effective ways in displaying infomation.

Status: Closed due to inactivity and refusal to help.


Leader: Icy

Deputy: Moss


Apprentices: Firestream (Mentor: Icewish), Silverwhisker (Mentor: Pearlfeather)


Additional Info

This project was created by Icewish to improve pages with new, more effective ways in displaying information as stated above. Members of this project can help this wiki by coming up with new ideas to organize pages and such. Ideas will have to be approved by the leader and deputy of this project before they are applied to pages. If the leader and deputy can not decide whether to use the idea or not, there will be a vote among all members to decide. This project is also in-charge of converting all old pages into new ones by use of renaming, recoding, ect.

Members Needed!

To join Project Improvement as an apprentice all you need to do is ask Icewish and she will give you a mentor. Your mentor is incharge of making sure you know who to use the templates correctly. How they train you is up to them.


New Clan Template:




Medicine Cat:

Medicine Cat Apprentice:






Roleplay Page


  • Names of cats and their descriptions go below their rank.
  • If a roleplay cat has no description, place (No Description) after his or her name.
  • The mother of the kits is always listed in the "Kits" section before the kit's names are listed.
  • The colors of the template can be changed to whatever the creator of the clan wants.
  • For wolf packs, dragon tribes, and horse armies, the sections will be re-named to match the ranks of the group.

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