"Why dose he have to be better than me? Why is he the taller one? Why is he the stronger one!? Why is he the better looking one!?! Why dose mom and dad like him better than me!?!? Why the (beep!) is he the best soldier in the Army of the Sea, while I'm stuck in here with these (beep!)ing leaves!"
— Wave Splash thinking to himself about his brother in Army of the Sea/Roleplay

Wave Splash is a young chestnut tobiano stallion with wild blue eyes.

Additional Info

Wave Splash was born to Feather Drift and Slithering Snake. His older brother is Swooping Eagle. His parents favored his older brother over him. They ignored Wave Splash all the time and treated him as if he was a total stranger. Even sometimes forgetting his name. Wave Splash was very small an was called a runt all his life, and couldn't become a solider because of his size, even though he had always dreamed of being one. He was trained to be a herbalist while his brother became the best solider in his army. Wave Splash envied his brother a lot. He could never talk to him or look him in the eyes, even though the his brother was very nice, unlike their parents. He hates being a herbalist with all his heart.

His is surprisingly fast, even faster than his brother. This is because he dose have very long legs, but is just much skinnier and less muscular, making him look smaller.

Real Life Image

Wave Splash.rli

Icy's Artwork

Wave Splash.drawing

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