Whiteleaf- white she-cat with green eyes

Her old roleplayer was Shadewhisker. Her new one is Pricklestar.

About Whiteleaf

She's a warrior in SnowClan, and she currently has a crush on Darkpelt of SnowClan. She has good intentions but always seems to mess up. That's what makes her so likeable as she can always make you laugh with her actions. She is never bossy or mean, atleast she doesn't mean to be.


Her mother was Ash, a gray she-cat with black/brown spots. Her father is Beaverstar, a large brown tom with a darker tail and yellow eyes (Dead)

Her sisters are Katrina, a brown tabby she-cat with the most beautiful olive green eyes. (Katrina is here half-sister)

Mallowpaw, a small tan/black tabby she-cat with large, green eyes (Dead) Larkflower, a gray, white and black tortiseshell she-cat with blue eyes, and Sandstream, a pale ginger, brown, flecked with white she-cat.

Her brothers are Eelfang, a blue/gray tom with gray/green eyes, and Stormpelt, a dark gray tom with reddish amber eyes.


Whiteleaf. - Warrior

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