WolfClan cats have the ability to turn into wolves. They border EnchantedClan and MistClan. AirClan is above them.



Rainstar - Pale gray she-cat with forest green eyes. Can turn into a pale gray dire wolf with darker gray snout, legs, and tail. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan


Coyotedash - handsome, broad shoulder and well muscled, blac k tabby tom. He an turn into a black wolf. Roleplayer: Silverw

Medicine Cat:

Grayfeather - a gray she-cat with blue eyes. Can turn into a gray wolf. Roleplayed by:Icy

Medicine Cat Apprentice:


Maroonsun - handsome, goldentabby tom. Turns into a glden wolf. Roleplayer: Silverw

Hawkstorm - Ginger tom with green eyes. Turns into a tawny wolf. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Silverheart - fearless, large, strong handsome tom with silver fur with black and white tufts. He has dark emerald green eyes. Can turn into a dire wolf of the same description. Roleplayer: Silverfang

Darkmoon - Jet black tom with ac resent moon shape on his forehead and sharp green eyes. Turns into a black wolf with the same description. Roleplayed by: Mossu

Skydash - pretty, white she-cat with green-blue eyes. Sister to Maroonsun. Roleplayer: Silver


Blackpaw - Black tom with green eyes. Roleplayer: Moony


Bluewhisker - Blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Turns into a wolf with the same description. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan


Frostkit - Pure white she-cat with deep blue eyes. Turns into a little white wolf. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Waterkit - Blue-gray she-cat with green eyes. Turns into a wolf with the same description. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan

Pebblekit - Pale gray tom with fores green eyes. Turns into a dire wolf with the same description as Rainstar. Roleplayer: Faolanmacduncan


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