Xaphan is a red wyvern dragon with deep red eyes. He loves powerand controll, and is the King of the Silent Forest Tribe. Roleplayer: Silverwhisker

Additional Info:

Xaphan stayed up for days trying to figure out why the hydras hadn't attacked his tribe yet. He had gotten Crabby from that, and was sent to a long nap, and recovered. His mate is Iris but he doesn't care for her at all. He thinks he'd rather have the male, lazy, dragon, Dew, as a Queen. He was born from a firey egg that fell from the sky, and was disigned to be king. He was mad fun of all the time because he was born from the sky. He defednded himself, but sometimes too brutaly. Dragons would blame him of deaths and wounds, but he only wounded and didn't kill. He can get majorly angered, and can get out of controll, and cause great wounds. He hated his queen, but he's starting to warm up to her, AGAIN!



  • Xaphan is the name of a Demon.
  • He was ment to be King ever sience he was born. his prophecy was: "the firey egg that falls from the sky even lights up the Dark Caverns. He shall rule the Silent Forest, making the sky meet the forest with peace."

Silverwhisker's art:

Baby Xaphan

Baby Xaphan

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